southwark priest, southwark diocese, thomas becket

The Troublesome Priest

Who will rid the land of this troublesome priest
That brings only chaos and danger?
Can ye not see the wolf staring out from the sheep?
Harken to this time-weary ranger
He's a desperate man with a dwindling flock
In search of divine veneration
He covets invaders running amok
To offer the victims salvation
Who will rid the land of this treacherous beast
That embraces the rapine stranger
Do ye not know the Temple is buried beneath
The church of this money changer
With delusions of grandeur and a hubristic mind
He strives to be a man of the people
The church so far up his kiss-stained behind
When he laughs you can discern the steeple.

© Severn Dwyer. 2016

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