Woodbine Willie, Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy, World War I, Trench warfare, Battle of the Somme, Wilfred Owen, Ypres


Throw me a line
You know I'm sinking
The place and the time
They don't mean much anymore
I got a picture of you
In my top-left hand pocket
And I'd give the world
Just to see you one more time.

All of the colours bleed into red
Jack fell down and broke his crown
Shot throught the head
All the King's horses were felled in the rain
Woodbines sent from Heaven
Ease the pain of the lame.

Shattered and torn
Nothing lasts forever
No room for the weak
No growing old together
The horror of horrors
Rain children's tears of laughter
I'll see you again
In the happy ever after.


© Severn Dwyer. Written circa 1995.

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