lost love

One Summer

Needless to say
I'm on my own again
I've wasted tomorrow
Before it's come
The council estate
Is pretty in midnight blue
But it's ugly as sin
In the morning sun.

I think about her
I think about all the times we had
A friend says she's lost
Apparently, she's got it pretty bad
And he likes to raise his hand
He likes to make her understand.

Needless to say
I was a second choice
I wonder what if
But that's all that I can say
My feelings became distorted
Confusion leaves you in that way.


The wallpaper preys on a broken mind
Shadows tremble as the candlelight fails
The smell of alcohol is from the cheapest wine
A fly fights for its life in the tuna brine.

© Severn Dwyer. 1995

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